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Battling bases too power for our gods to beat.

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  • Battling bases too power for our gods to beat.

    Makes no sense matching players against bases that are not possible to beat. Players know it when it takes almost a minute to bring down the 1st temple & you still got 7-9 temples left to take down with given time. Especially when u just started being at 13 lvl & u get an enemy who is 58 lvl. I'd rather the game just give me the lost than to waste my time with overmatched battles that us players should just end battle b4 we start. Stop wasting our time. Its as bad as assisting those who do that hermes regroup. You get 4-6 players in a row who do that when assisting & man time wasted.

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    The matchmaking and everything else is super wonky from till like 20-30. Don't get me wrong, at higher levels you still get the odd ones here and there, but at lower levels, there is so much more volatility. The game is trying to figure out where you are trophy wise and get you there.

    Higher level bases frequently offer more gold stone. You can lose trophies but gain more gold and stone than you would had you gotten someone around your normal attack range and won. This doesn't always happen but it is still very possible to get a decent amount while losing. While I do frequently complain about some of the matchups I get, I also treat it as a challenge to see my limits. It is up to you how you choose to view it.

    As for hermes regroup, to put it crudely, you may want to assist and get to the next attack, but they want to win.


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      yeah, what lilin said
      also, you’re allowed to leave assists whenever you want, if you’re seeing a hermes patron that you don’t wanna wait for, then…just leave XD