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4.9 Bug Bonus Round (Maybe)

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  • 4.9 Bug Bonus Round (Maybe)

    Not really sure about it because it happens so rarely but I'll write it out anyways.

    This one involves 2 visual things I found that may or may not be tied together. For additional information I'm on a iphone 13 running IOS 16.1.1 (Outdated). The issues do seem to disappear if I force close the game and restart it. I don't think anyone else has mentioned this but I'm also not very active here.

    The first is when assisting, the swirly spiral things don't form the full circle. Sometimes they only show 1 and other times they flicker in various amounts.

    The second involves what I will deem explosion visuals. They seem to disappear completely, albeit rarely. This includes things like the apollo monuments explosion, building destruction, the aura around vengeance warriors and their explosion, Alecto's fireball and more.

    Try 17-21 seconds for first. Try 22 to 25 seconds for the second. I can provide a little more examples if needed.

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    Hey the same is happening for me


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      Additionally, this. A minor and rare glitch where the game doesn't properly keep track of resources. The game seems to be assigning 1 bases remaining resources to a different base. Easily fixable for the player but interesting.