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Slow-Time Hero Powers and other Longstanding Glitches

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  • Slow-Time Hero Powers and other Longstanding Glitches

    Since i have yet to see this Glitch mentioned or addressed i thought i would report it and a few other stubborn issues involving heroes:

    1. I've noticed that the ability cooldown times for when Heroes use their skills are drastically altered when exposed to the effects of slowtime. From what i can tell Slow Time, in addition to altering attack and movement speed, also effect the time it takes our Heroes to recharge their abilities. By as much as x3 - x4 the usual amount! This wouldnt be so bad if it only lasted the duration of Slowtime, but long after the skill ends and everything speeds up again, the effects still carry over onto the Cooldowns for the Heros' abilities.

    The ultimate consequence of this being that, if a Hero casts their ability anytime during the effects of Slowtime, they will spend at least 56 seconds AFTER the end of SlowTime without casting their ability.
    ​ Since many people tend to cast Slowtime immediately, my heroes spend the majority of matches waiting over 1 minutes and 26 seconds waiting to recast their ability. Thats 1/3 of the battle!! I dont imagine heroes were intended to be stripped of their powers for what often amounts to a majority of the fight, sometimes it only TAKES 1:30 for an entire battle to end.


    2. The Notorious Hero-Killing Gorgon Glitch. A charmed gorgon can just about kill anything but a fully decked-out, housed-out, Apollo-ed out, Hero at max level. And sometimes even then. Why hasnt this been fixed yet?? Its devastating.

    3. Atalanta is distracted by the Kraken. While i'm unsure if this is intentional or not, I thought you guys leroy should be aware that Atalanta is distracted when Poseidon casts the Kraken and will chase it around for it duration, instead of ignoring it like the other heroes. This is a particularly brutal bug for Atalanta to have, as due to the glitch i outlined in #1, she often only gets a single chance to cast her ability.

    I personally have not found Atalanta to be that OP in either attack or defence, i would say her squishy health and aggressive nature for an archer are more than enough to offset her power. So please take a look at this as well or clarify if it's an intentional aspect of her.

    IF YOU CAN ONLY FIX ONE OF THESE: Please fix the Time-Slow/Hero-Ability issue, as overall, i would say its the most disruptive and offsetting - even more so than the Gorgon bug honestly.

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    Is Megaera invisible second skill fix yet?


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      Originally posted by Seaweed
      Is Megaera invisible second skill fix yet?
      Ive actually never encountered that one before, im afraid i dont know.