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Atalanta power arrow #?

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  • Atalanta power arrow #?

    Did I miss something, when did her description stop listing the # of power arrows she shoots? Does she still fire multiple arrows as before?

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    Pretty sure she does still fire same as before. Update didnt state there was any changes to that


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      This is the sign to actually nerf her and remove those power arrows


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        Originally posted by Marshmalo
        This is the sign to actually nerf her and remove those power arrows
        She's strong under certain conditions, I'm sure on bases with 3 heros she's awful to deal with, but she has low health so can be taken out pretty fast, and hera revenge beside her means she melts very quickly, I've been using her before she was buffed with the extra power arrow and I find attackers don't have much trouble with her before or after the buff unless they choose to underestimate her and ignore her early on. Since reaching lvl 90 and being able to have two heros, she's much better though, with Achilles tanking for her, but smart attackers dont' seem phased by her.


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          smart attackers know to target her first so she doesnt instantly kill all the gods