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God of War Challenge - glitchy battle charge ability

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  • God of War Challenge - glitchy battle charge ability

    His charge is intermittently glitching and he battle charges at regular speed instead of a speedy attack? Anyone else having this issue or have found a work around for it? Curiously a friend of mine said it was working fine until he updated the game. Was getting five temples down pre update in this round and post update same route could only get three down due to the slow battle charge. Grrr

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    Unfortunately, it looks like the fixes to centaurs slowtime/freeze probably introduced this change of behavior to Ares battle charge/whirlwind combo. Those share a lot of code so seems pretty likely. I doubt if we will be able to get any fixes approved by apple/google before the event ends. Very sorry.



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      So there is a significant advantage to anyone who didn't update. Maybe you should just give everyone on leaderboard 10000 gems.


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        so this is why. I was wondering how some can reach 400+...


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          Is it just me or did anyone else also had their score remove from the leaderboard and unable to play the current God of War challenge as they can only see the event from the previous week for portal doppelgänger


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            Nvm the leaderboard was also for the portal challenge