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List of bugs I found recently 2

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  • List of bugs I found recently 2

    I'm not sure if it's just me, or why it's happening, but I can't spot my previous post on Latest Activity, so I'm reposting just to make sure.

    I want to reemphasize 4 points from previous post which were:
    1) When viewing leaderboard, unable to move the first page until switched to different ranking then back
    2) When meet Oracle of Delphi, strange sound occurs at the beginning of the battle
    3) When breaking quests, it takes a while for it to refresh, requires collecting resources several times
    4) Not a bug, but when assisting and someone else joins the assisting as well, would be nice to show who they are (not only when you are GETTING assist)

    The final point is just personal preference, but the rest were the ones highlighted a while ago but I don't think they are fixed yet. Not sure about the other bugs but at least three were the ones I could spot for sure.

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    Not sure if it is a bug but sometime I make a base and it keeps telling me to upgrade defenses more even though I already have it pretty high level and I have no more stone


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      Also, wanted to add when I'm playing Underworld attacks, I noticed gods arrangement changes when one of my gods dies after resurrection.

      Four points above were written a long while ago even in the separate post, and they haven't been fixed yet. Hopefully we'll be able to see them fixed in the next coming update.