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Account Lockout Question

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  • Account Lockout Question

    So basically i just had a quick question i was hoping someone on the staff could clear up. To be brief, one of my friends accidentally factory reset their android phone and lost all their progress. Im not sure if they were linked to a play store account, im assuming not as they got wiped. I think they were about level 60 or so

    I’m not asking for any action, i was just checking to see if there was any point in forcing them to to make an account and submit a ticket lol. Can you guys acutally do anything for that? Hopefully someone who knows can clue me in.

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    If your friend is having an issue with their account, they should contact support from the Help section. Support is there to help.


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      Pretty sure the support can recover the account. Didn't realize I could just contact support to restore acc until I was on my third account lol.


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        Thanks guys thats all i needed to hear. I’ll have them submit a request.