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Is the server down? Not seeing my alliance or rankings

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  • Is the server down? Not seeing my alliance or rankings

    Just curious if there is server problems. I am not seeing my alliance or any rankings. No chat either.


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    I'm having no problem myself, but there are some people that I can't see their base. I can see Depredation, but I can't see War Hammer (114) so I assume that's the one with the problem. I also can't see bases of some in my alliance, like KD or Nuffsaid. I mentioned it in my alliance chat and it says 3h ago, so it looks like it's been going on a while.

    Just noticed, I can't see the Weekly Challenge Leaderboard either. Everything is working fine for me, but I can't see certain bases (I assume of people having the issue) or the weekly leaderboard.
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      Thanks for the reports, folks! One of our database servers experienced a hardware issue and failed over to a backup server.

      Hopefully things should be working better for you all now but please let us know if you continue to experience trouble!