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Update underworld - bugs

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  • Update underworld - bugs


    With this new underground update there is a lot of bugs, few of them i posted below:

    - ranking for alliances; under world tab shows the same trophies as the overall button
    - where is the gear icon you need to add also ranking for the underground trophies
    - users with apple has problem with user identity. the devices recognize them as new ID so when they log in they need to start from the begging (if that happens, send mail to GOO support to do the new link account)
    - when defending in standard city there is all the time needs to correct the items to the right order (items means defense icons)
    - when you win a game 10 sec later shown in the replay that you lost
    - the users has problems with attacking their own city
    - ....

    Please also, do update status here in the forum. If you have new update, tell us please and also what is in the new update.


    Last edited by fmm; January 5, 2021, 12:27 PM.

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    I can't activate my other base slot in the underworld. When I try, it just reset it.


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      fmm I have been asking the devs for days to update us about a fix and I am being ignored. Actually I think they’re ignoring all of us. It’s VERY FRUSTRATING. I have emailed them, tweeted them, posted on here, sent them a video of my game force exiting and nothing.


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        Grace ,I've responded to several threads on the forum about our progress (or in some cases lackthereof). Jay and Castiel each have posted as well.



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          The GOO members don't ignore us, they have just too much work to fix all the issues. I do understand them from that point of view. Also my post was in that direction to help them easier to discover some bugs and fix them in the new release. I saw also other doing that in the forum. They have still huge support from us. But regarding this huge underground release i have a feeling that they had too much work and not enough time to test all the features. Adding new items in last minute seems not a good idea. But we all know that in a month or so all this will be solved. I wish all of you good luck to the players and to the GOO members.


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            Originally posted by leroy View Post
            Grace ,I've responded to several threads on the forum about our progress (or in some cases lackthereof). Jay and Castiel each have posted as well.


            Thankyou Leroy, I have seen the replies from Castiel now and have replied back. I understand what’s happening now and will stop myself from getting frustrated. Thankyou for working on a fix, I look forward to being able to play whenever I want to. We just all love Goo you see and that’s a good thing, it’s a great game 🥳


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              I noticed whoever im assisting in alliance when they are attacking with underworld gods, in the upper right corner it always says they have 800 trophies. Also when they attack underworld base with olympus gods, person they attacking always has 800 trophies (down right corner).

              Second thing: cyclops towers don't change appearance when moving cursor for strength levels and arrow towers don't add archers. However, they do change appearance normally when upgraded.