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Update Crash

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    Every time i load the game, it freeze for like 10 sec and then might have a small chance of crashing.


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      Non stop crashes on IPad Air Impossible to play. Crash after loading.


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        Originally posted by Nemesis View Post
        Non stop crashes on IPad Air Impossible to play. Crash after loading.
        Same for me 99% of the time and I’m on iPad Air too. It seems to want me to play after midnight which is really annoying because I end up playing as it’s possibly the only chance it will load. Please devs it’s been a week, if it’s an Apple problem I don’t mind hassling them if you tell me who to email😊


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          Originally posted by leroy View Post

          Hi Grace, we have a good idea of the problem now, and we can now reproduce the problem consistently. We think we will have a fix on the way very soon, but it still needs to be approved by apple/google.

          Hi Leroy and the rest of the team

          I just wanted to say thankyou for the iOS update. The game is working now.



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            I’m sorry it still doesn’t work, I’m on an IPhone X. It says downloading update, reaches 100% and then crashes. Could I get help please?