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Some errors I found...

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  • Some errors I found...

    Well, first of all, hades summoning cerberus doesn't make sense. Who would guard the underworld, when cerberus is away? Well, for all I know, not charon the ferryman. And, two, well, the gods are basically attacking their own temples, in some battles. That doesn't really make much sense. Also, wouldn't ares get dizzy, from whirlwind? at max level whirlwind, the recharge and duration are the same, and I'm wondering how he doesn't get dizzy. Also, Athena has gray eyes, not blue (although this doesn't really matter). And, Apollo should have the laurel wreath, not zeus (it has something to do with greek myths about apollo). And, I'm wondering, why do the gods/goddesses just suddenly forgive zeus after trapezus. Artemis probably wouldn't' have forgiven zeus, as she only had one city, and i suppose that's ephesus? well, it is a bit funny that lycaon calls owly a "Wretched tin bird". but, shouldn't owly have been sent by athena, and not zeus? or maybe it could be changed into an eagle, called eagly? I don't know.

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    Alot of these "errors" are just some things that don't make sense when you know the greek myths. I feel like you are being a bit dramatic these are not errors just mistakes.


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      eh, yeah, I suppose that's true