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Bug on the doppelganger challenges

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  • Bug on the doppelganger challenges

    it's not the first time that I notice this bug (in the doppelganger challenges only, ) : normally when you change the order of your gods before dropping a god, it must be kept for the next game, right ?
    In the doppelganger challenges, if I put the superhero-hera in first for example, the normal-hera in second and the gladiator-hera in third before the game really started, then play, give up and retry, the normal-hera will be in 1st position, the gladiator in the 2nd position and the superhero in the 3rd position so I need to exchange it every tries and lost time.
    it's a minor bug which affects only tops player who use different skins in these challenge but it will be great if you could change it 👍
    Thanks a lot,