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Corpes on the battle field(sometimes awkward positions)

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  • Corpes on the battle field(sometimes awkward positions)

    This is not a major issue, and I'm not saying it be removed ASAP, im just cross checking if I'm the only one who sees this.....
    Every now and then I see the mutilated corpse of a God bent at awkard angles just lying on the battlefield, but now for a week or more, it has been getting increasingly mesed up(a bit funny too)
    Some instances I've encountered are
    1) Ares dead trying to reach his head between his legs(bent over unnaturally)
    2) Zeus dead with his toga up, giving quite a clear view of inner thighs
    3)Apollo dead with bow half bow inside his torso and arms at unnatural angle
    4)Artemis dead sleeping sideways peacefully with hand under head.
    (I wasn't exactly looking for to this one, but for the curious peeps out there, I haven't had this thing happen to Aphrodite)

    One thing to note might be that i have my vfx slider turned down all the way to 0... so that might be causing these "incidents"
    Does this happen to anyone else too?

    PS: This time I took a SS of Zeus as soon as I saw him sprawled on the ground... If you want I can send the SS here...

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    Hermès look like he died trying to do a abnormal yoga backward bent


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      😂 I also had a clear view to see if Zeus have any godly underpants but I can’t be find any they should at least add that if the god died but the corpse is still there