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Randomly leveling up

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  • Randomly leveling up

    I’m not sure what happened but once I got back on the game I suddenly increase by 5 level for a while and it said I can get a new god which I did and then I got the god assist power but after a while I got back to my original level and also got rid of the god that I unlock along with the resource but i still have the assist power

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    That's pretty weird, did you email gods of Olympus support?


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      No cuz I don’t want to lose that assist power 😂


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        Originally posted by ChaosFromIMMORTALS
        No cuz I don’t want to lose that assist power 😂
        You should email them, coz there's also a chance you might get that god and those resources back


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          Actually I got the gold back once I reload the game