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Triple 3rd power

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  • Triple 3rd power

    Someone noticed it work with the Cerberus, it's working too with the wrath. What if it happens with really strong 3rd power like the kraken ? Instant win. I wasn't expecting it but it happened to me (triple wrath) in the challenge, and I know that I can reproduce it and use it so I ask : do you (the developers team) allow me to use this bug/glitch in the challenge or in normal games ?

    PS : I did 526 in the challenge using triple wrath, it makes me a +18 pts bonus (I can prove it), maybe it won't change anything because I might beat my personal best but I wanted to be sure...

    Thank for your answer,

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    Tripp’s ult power is due to god putting there ult ability and get hit my Paris stun while in the middle of using it.
    I found out while watching kiddie livestream and test ignorance out myself 😃