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Paris freezing more than one god

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  • Paris freezing more than one god

    I think I figured what’s everyone complaining about buttons not working.

    i noticed that if your gods are very close from each other more than one got freezed by Paris. It happened that one shot from Paris froze 3 gods of mine, all 3 got purple and froze for a few seconds. Was this supposed to happen or it’s a bug? Can you devs take a look into it?

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    I assume it’s an area effect. But clarification from a developer would be appreciated.



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      from the way i can interpretate, if it was an area effect on Paris stun descriptions would have area written on it just like it is with Hercules, but Paris has a range just like ody and it doesnt say anything about area..


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        Paris stun is an area explosion effect, so yes this is intended. We will look into trying to make the UI more clear!