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Wrong house

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  • Wrong house

    Hi there, back in the game with a renewed zeal :-)

    Today I had this bug a bunch of times. I was placing a house, and the wrong house was put down... it happened about 4 or 5 times where I would place an Ares house, and get an Aphrodite house, or on a different map I would place a Hera house and get an Ares house instead... after a few attempts it would work properly each time. I know it wasn't me just having fat fingers, but I did have to pay gems to remove them which was annoying.
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    it happened with me many times ..if I try to drag a house on the base I find a different house at the base ..and it always cost me 3 gems to replace it .


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      Happens all the time, there’s multiple threads about it...even a video. Devs have asked many questions, but never heard anything about a solution other than turn your device completely off...which works for a few minutes. I’ve decided (and posted) that I will not spend another dime until this is fixed, it’s been going on since well before Hermès was introduced.


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        Dear Aegis, please fix this or if you can’t then don’t let us spend gems to replace


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          Originally posted by Mario View Post
          Dear Aegis, please fix this or if you can’t then don’t let us spend gems to replace
          Exactly, right now this is actual theft.