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Troops speed is out of balance

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  • Troops speed is out of balance

    After checking it myself and talking to other players on discord who shared the same issue on different bases, we found that there is a problem with the troop speed. First on the hermes dev base when after destroying pink and hermes temple the troops dont slow down. You are probably going to say it take 1mn before the rffect is gone or the remaining troops on the ground are already buffed but im talking about all the rest of the attack. The same thing happens when we attack higher bases, the troops somehow accelerate when in range on the gods especially the spartans and that happens when there is only poseidon and white temple remaining. That shouldnt happen and a lot of players have noticed it.

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    I have personally experienced this issue as well. Like Dark said, it is very obvious on high level bases. I got swarmed several times, due to this.


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      It's crazy but fun, I've lost loads due to this but enjoying the challenge. Get ready for the swarm after hawkstorm has finished


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        The hermes dev base got a bug the troops just dont slow down after hermes and pink are down its not possible CASTIEL do check it out as i have seen 2 more players having the same issue on this base .