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Apollo monument range

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  • Apollo monument range

    Since the update, I’m seeing lots of times where the Apollo monument shoots waaay outside of its range. I’m working on the Apollo solo challenge level 8, and the monument will hit me when circling on the southwest side of the base — perhaps that’s just a buff on he monument for the challenge? I’ve also seen the long range blasts happen in regular attacks. It reminds me of the bug with the cyclops towers where someone will drop a fish next to a cyclops tower and a ballista, they will both pull back to fire, the ballista will hit the fish first and the cyclops will target the next closest target and throw at it, even if the next closest target is on the other side of the map.

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    This is not a bug.
    with new update, the environment boosts the monument.
    If you have Zeus environment as well as Zeus monument then the monument has more health, strength & range than before.