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  • Reanimate Crawl

    Defended someone recently (not sure who) and noticed the strangest thing. I dropped some skeletons and slow time began (slowing my skeletons down). The attacker then used reanimate, killing my skeletons and reanimating them as his own skeletons. They remained in slow time. Even when slow time ended, they remained in slow time for an extended period. I think it's rare for higher levels to see combos like Zeus/Hades and Zeus/Aphrodite so things like this go unseen. But for lower levels it's pretty common. So here are some tests someone should perform and questions:

    T1. If slowed skeletons are reanimated, do they remain slowed (yes)?
    Q1. SHOULD they remain slowed?

    T2. If slowed troops are charmed, do they remain slowed?
    Q2. Should they?

    T3. If slowed troops are killed and are then reanimated, do they remain slowed?
    Q3. Should they?

    I believe this is all related to one of my old bug postings about the slow time that never ends for certain troops. Namely, if I drop skeletons toward the end of slow time, slow time then wears off, my troops I dropped remain slowed for an insanely long time. I don't remember if that discussion ever went anywhere, but this may be related.

    The battle I witnessed it on was a defense, I believe sometime between 1am and 5am EDT. I can't believe there were many defenses alliance-wide in this timeframe. Easily narrowed down to ones with defenders and further narrowed to ones where I was a defender. I also remember they attacked from the top of the screen.
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    I'm glad I was able to start such a lively discussion. If anyone wants to split the cost of a tombstone for these forums, I'm down.
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      LMAO Fritz !

      Im not observant enough to notice these things. It'd be great if our zaps on def matched the opponents strength, and zaps on attacks matched opponents strength too, as it'd level the playing field a bit. Not just zaps, all assist options should match opponents strength. Wish list!


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        I have to say I haven’t noticed this, I will keep an eye out now. I just thought they went back to regular speed if reanimated. U must pay a lot of attention
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          I have noticed this and it drives me crazy.Fritz, I appreciate all of your methodical approach to bug finding missions. You should be on their payroll in the QA/QC department lol
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