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Hermes "Regroup" ability bug

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  • Hermes "Regroup" ability bug

    Sometimes using Hermes "Regroup" something strange happening and i cant use 5 gods anymore, only 4 slots for gods available in active roster. Dragging god portret just do nothing. As you can see on the screenshot, space between Zeus and Aid is empty, but i cant put any god here.

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    this a common problem ..check this out ....
    but still no response of GoO on this...
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      Common as ever on the current challenge. Actually making the harder rounds very difficult as I can't reorder. If I do, I can only use 4. I basically have to sacrifice a god to get to the one I need. It's not a timing issue, as even if you wait minutes after regroup, when you go to swap gods, the hole is still created in your active roster.

      From a programming standpoint, I have no idea how a hole can be created in the roster when you go to swap, but that's what happens.
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        There is a fix for this in the upcoming release. It definitely catches one case that we can reproduce, and hopefully that is the only one...



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          Usually this occurs for me if the all setup button is pressed too quickly.

          I've encountered up to two gods stuck in reserve, unable to be moved or auto pulled into the active select column. Mostly encountered in daily challenges, but it happened once for me in regular battle.