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Messed Up Screen

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  • Messed Up Screen

    I got it to happen repeatedly, then did something to make it stop happening, then after a reboot I can't get it to happen at all. So no idea what the steps are to reproduce. It's happened before though and I'm curious if anyone else has ever experienced it.

    If someone in your alliance posts a replay, look at it. Exit out of the replay. When you return to the main screen, instead of seeing your base, you're treated to the screen where you can choose your attack. The sidebar is still visible though and any effort to interact with it fails. You need to click on the gear icon (since the "X" is hiding under it) to make the "choose your attack" screen go away. Has anyone else ever seen this?

    To make it go away, I opened one of the campaign chapters. After exiting out, all was well.
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    This has not happened to me but today something new happened with my screen. Never happened before. Certain times the screen is off center. It eventually fixes itself after a minute or two. It is either too far to the left or to the right. No rhyme or reason that I have noticed other than the fact that it happens when I start the app or go from one app back to the game. It doesn't happen while I am playing.
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      I looked at a replay today, the bug happened, and then it corrected itself. Unless it was a weird coincidence, I assume this got fixed in the last release. It looks a bit awkward (you come out of the replay, are somehow on the god purchase screen, the chat is visible, and it quickly slides itself off to the right). It would be better to just NOT be on the god purchase screen after coming out of the replay (why does that happen?!) but at least the screen is no longer in an awkward limbo.
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