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Super Reanimate

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  • Super Reanimate

    I've mentioned it elsewhere, but I figured I'd make a separate post about it.

    My concern is that upgrading Hades temple and houses make my opponent's Reanimate abound ten times stronger.

    Could maybe leroy confirm that this is working as designed?

    Most players know about it and I've certainly utilized it myself, but it just strikes me as inconsistent, counterintuitive and hence unfair.

    Hades daily challenge is by far the easiest. Hades punches below his weight in No Mortals Allowed.

    Recently I reset my Hades temple and sold my houses. Someone tried to Super Reanimate against me and it was pathetic, but I decided to reinvest some since neutralizing a single ability probably wasn't worth it. However I would never use the Hades environment which is a shame.

    ​​​​​​​What do others think?

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    I’m personally a fan of the super reanimate because it’s a cool strategy to use. There is a way to defend a attacker that uses super reanimate. If hades dies in battle, you’re practically a gonner. I was planning on using hades environment since the more skeletons spawn the better. Even if hades uses his reanimate, more will keep spawning and wreck the attacker.


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      So is Hades a timing issue? I've been attacked where Hera explodes, skeletons appear, Hades reanimates and not only does he get a flock of fresh skeletons AND kills all my skeletons, but then those dead skeletons come back as well. I've tried it and my timing must be off. I kill the skeletons, make fresh skeletons, and maybe reanimate a couple of the dead skeletons. I get nowhere near the insane effect I've seen against me a few times.

      Personally, I've always thought super reanimate was just the fact that skeletons have low health so he can bring back more of them than hoplites, for example. However, with all of the bugs I've personally uncovered in the game, it makes me wonder. If there's a hoplite with 1000 health. And he is now a skeleton with 500 health. And Hades reanimates, kills the skeleton, and resurrects it, it should have 250 health. Why do I have a feeling there's a bug that keeps that skeleton at 500 health? Mainly because, if I have a 200% reanimate chance on my academy, the first skeleton to come back will have 500 health AND so will the second. ALL skeletons will have half-health of their living troop (at least I assume that to be the case). But if Hades kills a skeleton and it comes back, it should have half the health of the skeleton. Can Aegis confirm this?

      I've also seen tons of my defenses where Hades reanimates, I drop troops after he reanimates, troops are killed and they STILL come back as skeletons well after he reanimated. You can see a wave of reanimations, then my troops die, then a second wave of reanimation. Doesn't seem to make much sense. Is this by design? Will there be a Aegis response? I'm not optimistic. Ugh. I feel like Phlegathon.


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        "Super Reanimate" certainly requires skill in getting the timing right. You need to wait a beat after Wrath for the first afterglow then another beat to hit Reanimate then the next beat will be another afterglow leaving you with a massive army of skeletons.

        If Hades temple is down it doesn't work. Also, if Hades temple is not leveled up it doesn't work.


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          I've certainly seen Hades reanimate, then a second "wave" of reanimation after the first batch of troops are reanimated, effectively doubling the amount of health he's allowed to reanimate. I know Aegis has denied its existence on here, but I've seen it as have many others. Curious why this isn't taken seriously. Certainly, letting Hades reanimate double the health he normally does would qualify as a bug, no? Maybe calling it "super reanimate" made Aegis think it's a joke or didn't actually exist. It seems to me there's a clear bug where Hades attempts to reanimate, troops are reanimated, then there there is a short period of time where if additional enemies are killed, the reanimation triggers a second time. Maybe Aegis considers it a "feature" but it seems like a bug to me. When it happens because Hades reanimates dead troops and then a batch of enemy skeletons right after, people call it super reanimate. I've certainly seen it daily on defense when Hades reanimates, skeletons are created, I zap them, and they come right back as skeletons. Reanimate effectively fires twice.
          SILENCE IS FOO!


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            leroy bring it back please