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  • Staff functions.

    If there are any staff membets, please tell me all the differences between all the forum ranks for staff. Here are all the staff ranks I know. There is moderator, content desighner and developer. What are the differences between those ranks and are there any other ranks? Staff, please reply. Thanks in advance.

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    Zen is an Administrator (Zen has not been on in over two years but perhaps running the works is solely behind-the-scenes stuff).

    Castiel is Gods of Olympus Team. Not sure what that entails exactly so someone else would have to chime in with that info.

    As for the ones you already mentioned, their definitions should be pretty obvious.


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      Ueah But I'm asking what different things they do in the forums. And which controls do they have?


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        Close threads, delete posts, ban individual(s), enforce rules........someone else can add more if anything comes to mind


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          Ok. I understand. But what can a moderator do that a content desighner can't, an administrator do that a mod can't and so on.


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            Moderators are trusted volunteers who help keep spam and bots off the forum, as well as closing any threads that become negative/abusive towards other players.
            They have access to moderation tools, but not administrative tools. This is really the only role that has any relevance to actual forum permissions.

            The other roles are all staff from the GoO development team, and as far as forum permissions go, we are all administrators, meaning we can make changes to the forum/website itself, as well as moderate if needed. However, we usually tend to keep out of the moderation process. The main purpose of the forum for us is to read players' suggestions and feedback.
            The labels under our names describe our roles in the development process, rather than our roles on the forum.
            "Developers" are the original programmers who created the game, "Gods of Olympus Team" and Administrators" do various behind the scenes work ranging from customer and tech support to business administration, and "Content Designers" program new features in the game using visual scripting. We haven't updated those labels in a while though, so some roles have changed (eg. Zen has joined the Content Design team, so he no longer does tech admin on the forum.)

            Hope that helps to answer your question!


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              Yes it does. Thanks for the answer amethyst. I really like the staff who are really nice.