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  • Thank you

    And goodbye, now that it's been clarified that those changes that seemed like a done deal for the update after the next minor one, is not a done deal, I'll go back to just reading the forums again, once in a while.

    Hope that new users get a fair chance to air their views going forward, and that the environment stays one where anyone can discuss contentious issues without the older members and moderators on here, trying to control the content of discourse through distasteful tactics.

    ​​​​​​slow push players who can't accept burst as a valid style of play, are, and will always be brats in my books.
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    what is your definition of burst style here?
    All the time I recognise them as taking out temple and minimal of other structure, you can do it anytime with or without allies.
    People are complaining the one with allies and over-depending on allies while they affect a battle too much.

    Don't try to draw a line between slow push players and burst players, it's just because allies are currently too powerful in burst style, in my opinion the decisive element should always be the attacker's gods and defender's base.


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      😂 if one God is expected to drop inbetween the hordes without distraction, then 5 gods never need tents and troops around them to do their job either.

      talking in circles is as monotonous as the push style of play 😁

      if you're completely closed off to burst as a style of play, then you're allowed to have that opinion, it's the devs decision at the end of the day, and as long as they're not closed off to varying styles of attack, yet, it's all good for now.