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  • Originally posted by xprs

    That's not a horrible argument. Low levels are already balanced that way, hello kraken or wrath singlehandedly destroying entire bases, it's a good way to retain novice players until they've become more invested into the game where they are forced to quit or develop better skills. That being said, it cuts both ways in the level range you're referring to. Level 80 and up has a lot of stone to deploy on base design, and it feels lousy to spend hours and loads of gems tediously moving objects around with the awful ui, only to watch a player 5 levels lower walk around the edge spamming endless hoplites. I'd rather lose to a cheap hit n run/mono style than mindless athena spam. At least the former require a little bit of thinking skills. Athena spam was a little too close to early levels kraken and wrath, except back then my base was tiny and took little time or effort to design so I didn't mind the loss so much. A middle ground could be found and I think this nerf which retains some is the former buff is approaching a proper balance. Disincentivizing people from bothering with base design would ruin this game far more than alienating some athena spam diehards, because base design is universal, we are all expected to want to create that free content of bases for other players to attack, but who is going to bother anymore when after hours of thinking, tweaking, gems spent selling and replacing, etc, you watch someone low lvl sip a latte while watching Oprah on their phone reclining at the beach idly clicking hoplite spam repeatedly and your base stands no chance of surviving.
    Keep 1 empty layout so you can copy it to reset a layout, don't waste gems by selling buildings


    • leroy I’m curious if there has been a drop off in the amount of weekly/monthly attacks since the Athena nerf. I’m sure you can’t share that exact type of data, just wondering if you all review that stuff. I had a large part of my feeder alliance (lower level players) stop playing after that nerf, and I’m interested to know if my feeder alliance is unique or if this is wide spread throughout the community.

      Highly doubt I’ll get a legit response, but thought I would ask anyway.


      • leroy Jay we at Dingens face again the issue in AW that we defeated all Cities and have exactly 1000 stars but the map does not refresh to allow further attacks.
        our current Opponent is Los Tilines Insanos.

        could you please Check? Thanks
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        • Thanks to the development team for all your efforts.

          To add on to previous comments could there be additional updates to the AW

          1) As mentioned previously, a participation tracker for Alliance members
          2) Some sort of understanding to the ranking system within AW Ambrosia levels etc (Eg a win/lose ratio)

          As for challenges, my big interest would be to see how the winner of the weekly events managed to get their top score, so like a replay of after the event has finished?!

          I feel like this would benefit players of every level and also aid lower levelled players succeed in beating some of the changes or OP items in the game.

          Once again many thanks.



          • Originally posted by Jimmi B
            1) As mentioned previously, a participation tracker for Alliance members
            That would do more harm than good. Useful if you're a clan that wants the rewards only/most participants and constantly full. Not helpful for anyone else.

            You can already track who did what daily by going to your own AW page and looking at the clan members on the olympus icon. It shows everyone who has used what for that war.


            • To be honest with you, I am more interested in a replay video of the top score on weekly challenge!

              This week is a survival challenge and 2 players have managed to get to round 21, but it just seems impossible. I would be very interested to see how they managed.


              • leroy, Jay Amethyst

                AW is Not Working for Dingens. endless Loop. Names of allis not shown… for a Short Moment I see an inactive notice and it Starts over again
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