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  • Originally posted by Jauni
    If it's possible, I'd like to see slight changes to nectar being used for attacks. For example, 4 turns go down very quickly at 1,000 each turn. Could we please change it to 500 nectar points being used per attack. It seems much quicker to get UW Ambrosia back up to attacks than waiting 6 hours for Nectar points to build up.
    Come on man! Join an alliance and assist (one with many members), complete alliance quests and you will have as mane nectar as you want.


    • Maybe you didn't fully read my remarks or even know who I am? I'm just pushing for everyone to have a better experience. And even if you assist, how many assists are you going to need to get back 1 round of attacking. 3 nectar points per assist, 1,000 nectar points per attack and if you mess up for any reason during that attack and don't get a full round, you then have to wait again for those nectar points to build up, OR if there's a disconnection or if everyone is asleep, all these factors plus more, it's a lot of time before it comes back up again. Again I will repeat, I think giving players that extra bump would improve experience overall. Also, UW only needs 1/6 or 1/7 of the time to fill up for future attacks.