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  • Originally posted by leroy View Post

    The shield component of Hera's revenge still works, just not the reflect damage part.

    The quick answer as to why they are resistant to revenge is because ranged heroes are generally high damage dealers with lowish health, and they might just immediately die due to revenge and become completely worthless. We've talked about maybe making each hero resistant to a different god power, and as more heroes are released, this still might be something we consider.

    "Lowish" health ?
    Was checking opponent my level i lost to.
    Odysseus health on 55 level is without any boost , just basic health : 75100 units .
    That is almost as much as 45 level temple . A 45 level temple has health 75600 units .

    The 55 health level of Hades is 75075
    That is more than Aphrodite and Artemis (37538 on level 55) that are the more fragile and Hermes and Apollo that come next (56307)

    So Odysseus lowish health , but has as default more health in same level as 5 of the 10 gods of the pantheon .

    The Odysseus in my opponent base has its health boosted by 2 pink houses and the temples boost bonus .
    He gets a 103825 units health boost . His total health is 178925.

    Athena , the God with the most health on same level compared to others has a 55 level health of 135135 units.

    So is Odysseus a lowish health unit ? Looks like by default he is not. With just couple of trth 1 Aphrodite house health boost and he becomes a health tank. And that brings me to my next question . It looks like that not all the houses work the same way on already spawned troops when their relevant temple is down and houses are down too. Some keep the boost effect and some don't. I never understood how that works and why it's not working same way in all the houses . I would really appreciate an answer on that from you or any other developer . Thank you .
    Game Over


    • Originally posted by Ozymandias View Post

      It is possible to hide Aphrodite behind a tower and she escapes detection! I've done it a few times, but it doesn't work every time! No need for secrets
      Not quite. I think that could be related. Aphrodite not being hit when she should, Hermes being targeted when he's clearly not the closest to Odysseus. And, it seems to me, not much inclination to have any of it fixed, which is a bit of a shame.


      • Una pregunta sobre los héroes.. tirando los templos o las casas que rodean la academia, el héroe pierde la bonificacion?.. he visto que la bonificacion de apolo si, pero las demás me pareció que no. Gracias!!


        • The “Not sure he’s quite intelligent yet” part at the end made me HOWL with laughter! So thanks for that Fritz

          Originally posted by Fritz View Post
          Just watched a defense and did the math. Even without a patron Poseidon, something is wrong with the Kraken.

          Kraken 70 = 200,000
          Inspiration 70 = +110%
          Total Kraken = 420,000

          Unless something has changed, according to Leroy in Nov 2017, The Kraken will not destroy any building over 1/4 of the power's strength
          420,000 / 4 = 105,000

          A tentacle took out my Aphrodite Monument after the purple temple was destroyed. All houses were intact.
          Monument = 32,100 + 89,199 - (32,100 * 0.0968) = 118,191.72

          The thing rages for at least a minute on all the defenses I've viewed, drawing every troop toward it, seemingly, forever. I remember the bug where Water Blast accidentally boosted the Kraken. And Water Blast was tinkered with so that may be worth looking into.

          Also watched Odysseus shooting at a near dead Cerberus who was close to finishing a temple. The attacker then dropped Apollo somewhere further away and Odysseus abandoned attacking Cerberus to go after the god. Cost a temple. Not sure he's fully intelligent yet ;-)