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    Lol Zion were you referring to my defense against you and a couple helpers. Yes the Hera troops are very nasty and even being a solo player I have been able to win many defense now. They probably will need a slight reduction in explode damage but everything else about them seems good.


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      The solution to the current imbalance between defence and offensive cannot be solved with 1 type of assist troops. The whole idea of having multiple options assisting is that they should all be of relatively equal power and just used in different situations. Currently Hera troops are OP due to the explosion and being uncharmable.


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        I don't know if it is related or just coincidental, but the lagging issues seemed to improve greatly with the Hera update. Since the new, minor update, the lagging seems to be back in full force.
        My wifi is fine, I don't have any issues like this with any other games.


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          Bird it could be your devices hardware and depending on how many minions are on screen and buildings can add to lag or choppy/slow motion gameplay. Now having a iPhone 7+ it doesn't happen a lot, but when I had a 5s it got worse for me the bigger the bases were.

          as to the topic of this forum, I hope they do revise the hera troops a bit more sense it seems like the ares troops all over again just different assist power.


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            Thanks for the update, herewith my 10 cents worth on another really bad idea.

            With the recent updates one has to wonder if the developers actually play their own game and more importantly play it in the mid range levels.

            i have watched over the last few weeks how Hera has become the must have God, it is simply scary to watch how much damage she can do to a base, what has been frustrating is that it's the only God that needs no others to do the damage she does. All the other gods each have their super power but each needs one of the others to really bring this power to maximum.

            To illustrate my point the players that have acquired Hera no longer require assistance and tend to now play solo where before they would muster up some help to try and win an attack, my second point is the players that have aquired Hera have shoot up in trophies more than another God has done before, we track assist, trophies and rank position within the alliance on a weekly bases and without doubt Hera adds a good 300 to 500 trophies in a week, this obviously depends on how often one plays. My point been that never before upon acquiring any of the others gods has the trophy score moved so much so quickly. It must be added that this may also be linked to the recent offers that have been made available within the purchase store.

            If the developers persist with keeping Hera so powerful at least make it fair to all that one should be allowed to changed ones selected gods, I mean why should those that fall between the aquiring levels suffer until one can get the almighty God known as Hera.

            Now my 10 cents on the recent update

            I have read a million times on this forum that bash is the only true strategy and that players find slow push a weaker strategy form, if this was true then why be so irritated by it and surely one would be happy if others attacked your base using slow push.

            So not only have the developers made a super God for the bash strategy but have decided that now all players will play in bash format.

            herewith my reasonings:

            I will be the first to admit that I require assistance when attacking a base as I prefer the weaker slow push strategy as this is due to my inability to bash, I mean I am really bad at it, I truly have mastered the art of panicking when bashing. So the only option is slow push but this only works if one can muster some support or your gods have to have some serious powers to keep the swarm off you. Any defense assist makes the slow push that much harder and troops coming from all angles means that one has to either move a lot or really have good assistance to keep the additional troops off you. The one thing that all slow pushers stay away from is the ares units as there is nothing you can do to keep them off you as Aphrodite and hades cannot charm them.

            But even so addional defense assist already makes keeping them off you very difficult but now the developers have decided that with the super God Hera one will not be able to charm her assist troops, so now we not only have one or two or thirty Red Devils (if one did not remove the monument in time) chasing the gods around the base we now have hundreds of blowing up soldiers doing the same, the only difficulty is that on these small screens one will not be able to tell the difference. So once again the developers have not only rewarded those that have Hera in attack they have decided that her assist troops will also be the best in defense.

            So with the inability to keep troops at bay the developers have listened to the bashers and have decided that the slow push strategy is no longer a real and viable option and that all must become bashers.

            i say this as the bash strategy that I have witnessed is the strategy that is least affected by support and the swarm as one hopes to have destroyed the base quick enough to prevent to many troops from been spawned.

            I for one will be resetting my gods to enable me to bash more efficiently, well most probably with a heart attack here and there and with losing a few trophies until I learn not to panick.

            I say to the developers poor show on making the must have God Hera even more must have.

            I request that the developers make it fair and make it possible for all players to get Hera immediately by resetting ones gods and been able to choose another because let's face it there is no other God as awesome as Hera is right now.

            Once again thanks to the forum for allowing me to share my 10 cents worth.

            To the developers, a big oops


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              I agree with what you've said about Hera being OP. Low to mid level players can just forget about trying to win on defense. As to the new buff to her assist soldiers the developers must have been high. Dumbest thing I've seen since that toothless redneck alligator trapping show. This game was once fun this last buff update has turned it into a money grabbing game.


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                Hera came out 3 weeks ago and in this 3 weeks of course she was OPPPP. However her nerf came with update 1.9 so give it a few days guys... DEV's already responded with a nerf so they will adjust it again if we are not satisfied. (Yep you have to feed every single mouth or you suck !!!! /s)

                Now imagine a game where Athena would've been the 8th god. No blue houses, so Ares can charge through 2-3 temples with ease. Welp no, Ares could not since you wouldn't have had Inspiration in the first place. Could you even imagine no Ares??? As Morph has stated. Every 8th god would have impacted the game in a good or rather "bad" way.


                Back to the spirit of the thread. Vengeance warriors encourages the player (at least me) to control their gods INDIVIDUALLY even more. With the move all button I see so many players forgetting that gods can be controlled separately. But now I have to make sure that Artemis Spread Shot is aimed at VW's and not to a command all target. Apollo as well.


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                  VWs are deadly no doubt about it. For me, this isn't nearly as bad as when the acolytes were first introduced as an assist option. Those acos were brutal and really only countered by flaming arrows. VWs can be killed with spread shot and flaming arrows very efficiently.

                  Are we upset we have to slow down, make fewer mistakes, and use the move all button less or are we happy that we can at least defend ourselves once again? This seems to be the two groups people fall into. This doesn't feel like a long term solution but its a better balance defensively than we had for which I am happy to see. If that balance means I have to lose some battles I probably shouldn't be winning anyways so be it.

                  hiaux0 makes a solid point. We got hera 3 weeks ago.already seen a change. In my previous game Clash of Clans, they would drop content on you then blatantly ignore the community for 6 months, two of which were usually vacation, and respond to the community with changes that made absolutely no sense at all. With GO every update isn't learning a brand new method to attack cities rather adjusting what you're already doing. Is this a
                  Originally posted by Achelous View Post
                  ... toothless redneck alligator trapping show ...
                  ? Well, I don't think so anyway.
                  Have a GoOd day!


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                    I find alligators with a full mouth of teeth much more fun to trap, the toothless redneck ones are all gums


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                      In my opinion, Hera has been a good balance for the Apollo temple/houses which are so difficult to overcome, especially at the mid-range levels (40-60). You either had to get rid of the houses, or use Ares bloodlust to get the temple down. Not sure what others are seeing, but I am Lvl 73, I am usually attacked by those doing Easies, and I only do Easies myself (or I would lose every time, thus removing the fun). That is an indicator to me that the defense has been stronger overall in the game.

                      I am curious if others at lvl 70+ are experiencing the same - that is, being attacked primarily by those doing Easies.


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                        Originally posted by Lady Penelope View Post
                        In my opinion, Hera has been a good balance for the Apollo temple/houses which are so difficult to overcome, especially at the mid-range levels (40-60). You either had to get rid of the houses, or use Ares bloodlust to get the temple down. Not sure what others are seeing, but I am Lvl 73, I am usually attacked by those doing Easies, and I only do Easies myself (or I would lose every time, thus removing the fun). That is an indicator to me that the defense has been stronger overall in the game.

                        I am curious if others at lvl 70+ are experiencing the same - that is, being attacked primarily by those doing Easies.
                        At lvl 83, yes for the bases that have upgraded their houses. When i come across towns that have not upgraded houses it is an easy sweep, however when the player has taken time to upgrade Hera is a must to go agaist those pesky apollo homes. It has been fun seeing the house rewards become more important to defense, like they were in the lower lvls


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                          I oneslty think the game is perferct right now. For example if Gabe attacks me would be lvl 97 vs 97. And solo he would win most of the time, but if helpers come, let's say 3-5 he would lose, if I have at least 1 defender more then him I have a chance. All players are.crying around because they are used to win with lots of defenders, now the game is fair! The offense and defense are balanced now. Please do not change Hera soldiers! I used to see players lvl 80 beat 95+ with less helpers, now they dont have a chance. Morph just attacked Reaper, he had 4 helpers and hes lvl 90. He almost beat reaper if I wouldn't come in defense. So even 1 defender now to a lower player is important.
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                            Before the update offensive wins just came by too easily. In other words it was too easy to win offensively. At least with the new Hera troops it provides a challenge to win especially if defenders use Hera troops against u. This will challenge players simply cause they need to find new methods to overcome hera troops. Its nice to be challenged every now and then
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                              One defender should not be able to completely change the difficulty level of a attack. Hera's troops have done that. They need to be tweaked to find a better medium as they are the only troops used on defense now. When attacking the players level means absolutely nothing. It's all about trophy counts. When you click a easy attack you are risking 21-29 trophies to win 1-7 trophies. The Hera troops the way they are now make this a suckers bet. Winning 1 out 6 defs was considered good but now with 1-4 defenders all using Hera troops even with offensive help I have been winning at least 50% of my defs when there is 2 or more helping me defend. Not sure how one could consider this a "easy" attack.