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Major Update 1.8 - Hera!

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  • Major Update 1.8 - Hera!

    The queen of the gods has joined the Pantheon! Hera is the goddess of women and marriage, but be careful not to cross her – she is also known for her unrelenting vengeance!

    Standard Attack:
    Hera wields a whip for long-range melee attacks with a fast rate of fire.

    First Ability: Absorbing Strike
    Hera absorbs health when she deals damage.

    Second Ability: Revenge
    Damage is reflected back at an increased rate to anyone who harms Hera.

    Ultimate Ability: Wrath
    Inflicts huge explosion damage to everything nearby.

    Death Strike:
    Hera takes her final revenge by dealing damage to the enemy that killed her.

    Alliance Power: Vengeance Warriors
    Vengeance Warriors pack the same punch as regular hoplites, but also cause explosion damage upon death.

    Regularly spawns Hera’s Vengeance Warriors.

    Adjacent buildings cause explosion damage to nearby enemies when they are destroyed.

    Temple Bonus:
    Provides explosion damage for all temples.

    This update also includes additional levels for towers – you can now upgrade to Level 40!

    Cost for 8th god: 72,000,000 gold
    Cost for 8th temple: 72,000,000 stone
    Cost for 8th monument: 36,500,000 stone for land + 320,000 stone for monument
    Cost for 8th assist power: 3,600,000
    Level requirement for 8th god: 80
    Level requirement for 8th assist power: 85
    Other gods: We are working on other gods for future releases, including the crowd favorites!

    Known Bugs:
    - 8th assist power is currently unable to be purchased (affects players level 85+)
    - Hera monument upgrade is currently capped at 10
    We have fixes ready for both and will roll them out once Apple reopens after Christmas!


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    Man you guys have done a wonderful job on this update, I am really enjoying Hera, she is my fav god right now her third ability scares me sometimes, so cool, thanks for all your hard work devs! You've really outdone yourselves with this one, just when you think the game couldn't get any better.. it does!


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      I agree with, Gabe! You guys did a wonderful job on the new update! I've always loved the game...I love it even better now. Happy Holidays, everyone! 😊