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Can you put me out of my misery please.....

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  • Can you put me out of my misery please.....

    Can you put me out of my misery please...........?

    When can we expect the new god for UW?

    I've been saving up resources ever since the teaser months ago, to use for the new gods temple and abilities.

    I enjoy UW more than Olympus and it's been killing me waiting so long!!

    Hopefully you guys will be upgrading the health levels , especially for the female deities, of the UW. They are far too low and easily defeated .

    In Olympus , we have houses which are an affordable way to strengthen your base . They are cheap to the point where every player is able to afford dozens. On my Superfly account , I have 75 houses , varying between lvl 14 and lvl 18, which cost half a billion , and my next house will cost 17 million to purchase.
    This is still cost effective for my level.

    In UW , we have gardens. I have 9 gardens , all lvl 40 , cost over 1.1 billion , in order to purchase a 10th Garden , I have to fork out over 1 billion. This is not cost effective for anyone , let alone my level!! They are also too large in size , meaning that less fixtures can be affected by the boost from the gardens.
    One house in Olympus can boost 8 surrounding towers if you wish.
    The olympus house is a quarter the size of a UW garden.
    A UW garden can only boost 12 towers.
    This represents a phenomenal waste of space and resources.
    If the UW gardens are reduced to the same size and pricing structure as Olympus houses it would be of immense benefit to UW.

    Lastly , we need a healing assist for supporting attacks and defs in UW. Similar to the Apollo assist option in Olympus , for Persephone in UW , instead of the Grow option for assisting , it should be heal. Even though Persephone has heal as an ability , once she's gone , you're in trouble. At least with a heal assist option , your assisters can heal your gods in attack , and heal buildings in defences. Grow is pretty useless as an assist option , whereas heal should be a prerequisite.

    All in my humble opinion.​

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    Probably Halloween.

    it seems when there is an effective UW “base” it gets nerfed and useless UW bases get buffed. Hecate worked well, gets nerfed. Charon gets buffed, useless shades. Meg nerfed Cerberus buffed. Just increase the range of the towers and keep it. Let attackers figure out new strategies.


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      Same, saved up nearly 3bil of each resource since first leaked accidentally in challenges.

      Low HP isn't only the problem with UW. The fact there is no persistent AOE default attack/ability for attack is a major problem with UW. It's why Requieum is so overly relied on as it's the 50% chance to win or lose.