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Athena patron is too strong

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    Originally posted by Lilin
    I'm with you on athena not really being a thing over 105. Just not enough power or sustainability coming from the troops.

    I think she is a crutch. She makes it easy if you don't make a mistake but also limits you. From testing myself, up to a certain point (idk the level, I'm clearly not there), patrons aren't needed for players around your level to beat you. At 97, I can beat any of my bases with everyone I have and even without a patron. I'm fairly certain I could do this even up a few levels. So instead of defenses being strong enough to stop most players, it is instead that most players mistakes or inaccuracies that kill them. Don't get me wrong, a good defense still is good, I'm simply trying to say, against a good player, unless the gods upgrades are bad, it isn't enough around the same level. Athena makes it easier to do that.

    And as the game is now, I'm not sure it's a bad thing. Tho you really got a disproportionate amount of loss to athena. I'm also noticing how many people attacked you. I feel like I never have near that much except for higher levels destroying me on revenge lol. For reference, I'm at 97 and ~2800-2875 def trophies. I might start a list of patron and level with wins and losses. Maybe do a post later with what I got after a few weeks.
    That's a really impressive defense score for that level, I gauge my base strength through peer comparisons, so I'm always paying attention to ppls defense trophies in my lvl range (I'm lvl 95), and very few in lvl 93 - 97 are above 2500 defense trophies. I hover between 2540 - 2580 generally.

    I can beat my base as well, because I know the traps to avoid, and it's true a high percentage of wins comes from attackers making mistakes, biggest of which is trying to kill my heroes instead of just running away from them.


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      Originally posted by Nial

      After my post on this thread... Yesterday, I've had 7 attacks on my base 3 with Zeus patron, 1 Hermes, 2 Athena and 1 Hades... All of which were abv lvl 105 and i lost 4 of them all 3 of Zeus and 1 of Hermes lol
      P.s I'm at 97 as well with around 2900 defence trophies(aphro environment) after those losses ...
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