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why do people ignore Cerberus environment (Erebus)?

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  • why do people ignore Cerberus environment (Erebus)?

    In the past, Cerberus' environment was kinda weak due to its portal boost. But right now, the devs buffed it. The dog's envi also boosts both skeletaurs and skeletaur archers (including their barracks).

    However, the question remains the same: Why do people ignore Cerberus environment (Erebus)?

    Is it because the skeletaur barracks are easy to charm? Is it because the environment can be easily destroyed by Hades' Requiem? Is it because the lower level players (lvl 84 and below) still don't have skeletaurs to boost? Or is it because no one tried to use it so that others may also try it?

    This is also similar to Charon's environment (Styx). I know some people are now switching to the ferryman's envi but there are still few of them compared to the other UW environments.

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    It might be useful if one could afford to have 50 maxed out tombs.


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      People will not try out such environments, at least not before they can afford the really expensive upgrades of the underworld! The gardens and whatever barracks is used become hugely expensive with every one bought! And... if attacked with olympus gods... (I attacked one of my charon cities as a test), the whole city is destroyed in less than a minute! Same happened with the underworld gods... to a slightly lesser degree.. but still horrible!


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        What Olympia said. The day Cereberus environment can kill a Hermes/Zeus Patron is the day everyone will swap to it off Persphone's.

        Everything is dead before time slow is over. The only things that stand a chance to kill Olmypus gods is the hero/gorgons.


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          Design wise it’s kind of boring and definitely inaccessible to a majority of low level players as Olympia said. It needs a unique theme centered around the portals and Cerberus. I personally don’t like any environmental boosts skeletaurs receive they should be their own standalone building like OW centaurs and Spartans with their own unique strengths that aren’t dependent on a temple or environment to be useful. Another issue is that underworld overall, not just Erebus environment, feels underpowered even when defending. Portals should be a perfect counter to slow time and haste but they’re too pricey to invest in many of them. A possible idea could be to speed up mobs going through portals or staying on portals for a short duration. If not speed portals should offer some sort of temporary buff to mobs using them or standing on them.