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    [QUOTE=Diablo; you and everyone else knows it is overpowered.[/QUOTE]

    Everyone? LOL

    it isn’t OP when there is nothing to requiem. What do you think happens to a UW attack when Hades is sniped right off the bat?

    are players who use patron gods overpowered? Of course, but if they weren’t too many people would stop playing as it’s more fun for them to win than lose.

    I don’t want any OLY player to lose their favorite patron.

    if the devs balance out UW with Thanatos fantastic.

    looking forward to the next incarnation of UW.


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      Originally posted by Lestorm
      hello, à release date for thanatos... 👍👍😁😁😁

      Yes! I need to know how much more I need to save 👍!


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        Originally posted by leroy

        Gosh it sounds like UW could really use another god.

        I see what you did there hehehehe


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          Originally posted by Adrien
          Did you guys see the new god coming to underworld?

          ITS THANOS!! Jk…

          THANATOS is coming!

          A lot of you must of seen it. Whats the guesses on his abilities you guys think?
          Try to look at Thanatos' chest and shoulders. Those patterns might be the poppy flowers having the same pinkish color with those in his statue. I think his design is kind of unique, unexpected, and really follows his symbolism (poppy).

          I have no clue on his statue/environment boost. But I'm still hoping for an uncharmable feature in the underworld.