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Alliance Wars or Daily Challenge ?

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  • Alliance Wars or Daily Challenge ?

    Alliance Wars is finally here!
    But there are some thoughts on how good or bad may be in near future.. every day more and more people seems to equalize Wars with Daily last only for one day, teammates can't even discuss or manage together the the end it will be a daily routine without the hype that its worthy..
    3 days at least seems more realistic, it will be more fun to participate and the results more anxious to see!!
    a good idea for Wars will be to take place after the weakly challenge for 3 days maybe.. otherwise will probably be a daily, not happy as it must, boring routine..:/
    and the stone/gold is a little bit few
    don't make Alliance Wars less then it should be

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    I agree.
    However, I see benefits to having war every day.
    -> What is missing, is a ranking system and medals.
    -> Every season/month alliances are grouped into different groups by trophy level. And they battle each other. Wins accumulate points. Number of stars tiebreaker. Extra bonuses for top finishers.
    -> In this way, the results of the war have greater importance. It's something to follow.

    Another suggestion:
    -> In alliance wars, assists have twice as much power. And they don't decrease when the number of people supporting it increases. This enhances the "alliance" aspect and makes participation more fun.​


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      Yeah if it falls in routine feeling, it will lose its purpose of being a fun gathering where we all play war generals as a family game night. Still in beta of course. But hopefully this isn't whats final indeed.

      (please have less scrolling through the bases, when you have uw x ow, it gets long to scroll)


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        Hope it doesn't) or 2 days maybe..for sure not one day routine 🙏😥


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          There's a new way to spend gems, on a daily basis no less, that's worthwhile -> which was drastically needed. This is great.

          There is an AWFUL lot of scrolling for players trying to attack larger bases though...