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A what if scenario

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  • A what if scenario

    So let's picture this, imagine I have over obviously this is not real Stone but like a quarter of a trillion stone. what are some key things that I should include to stop only mono, and it being severely easier beating the base with slow push should I put specific things like Paris, archery centaurs and so on and so forth. Or is there no way to stop mono without making it difficult for slow push as well.

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    250+ bln stone is very real though.
    Contrary to popular belief you will still lose from time to time no matter how you build your base. Most top 10 play various patrons so an impossible base gets significantly easier if you switch playstyle.
    All centaurs hard for Hermes? Switch to Aphro and it’s very easy and vice versa.

    Of course your overall defense is slightly better than in comparison which is a negative to be honest cause you don’t get attacked often- less passive gold income.