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  • Boost what we already have

    Hi Dev team

    Why don't we focus on what we already have and improve it instead of introducing new features?

    1. Hera environment is useless 2. Odysseus is not so good anymore
    3. Atlanta is VERY stupid. She keeps shooting Kraken and skeletons
    4. Athena and Poseidon environment are nothing against Monogod and Poseidon patron

    Personally, I have all 10 environments and the most useless one is Hera Nowadays, people just use Hades, Apollo, Hermes and Aphrodite just to boost either heroes or centaurs. Cliché don't you think?

    I got beaten by Hermes patron and Poseidon patron all the time and it has become annoying so I tried to switch to Hera environment to at least see the difference and her explosive despite having environment boost MADE NO DIFFERENCE.

    Poseidon patron destroyed my Poseidon's environment base instantly. I am so fed up with Poseidon patron but I won't say anything to upset the Monogod players. They deserve the respect as much as slow push players do.

    The gods are so powerful and it feels like a waste of time to defend nowadays.

    Best regards

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    I find the variability of kraken often decides who wins against me or not. If it takes out key buildings my defense crumbles.