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    It will most like be the final curtain for me. Been playing a long time. Dropped tons of money. Slow updates, lack of variety. Exploited attack strategies. “Super Zap Zeus??” Now it seems the update is a slight variation on the centaurs which, if you are solely OW will make you happy. For the rest of us pfff.


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      Surprise surprise, devs dont listen.

      Surprise surprise, update is underwhelming.

      Surprise surprise, the game is STILL way outta whack.

      Surprise surprise for those wanting Alliance Wars. Not in this update either!

      Surprise surprise for those wanting more gods. Not in this update either.

      Surprise surprise, the devs plan to fix centaur problem is... Add ranged centaurs!
      Really, is anyone surprised anymore. I'm keeping my rating at 1 out of 5 stars (since Google doesn't let us rank lower).

      It's no wonder I rarely play anymore.
      Vi veri universum vivus vici


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        I agree, dev could do more. We have been asking for a very long time alliance wars, more message features, hephasteous, demeter, do sth with cerberus in uw ( he is so useless), the very least we could have gotten was a new uw god. All we get is centaur archers (so predictable) and christmas decorations. All we've been getting this year is grubs. Im so very disappointed!!



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          I think actually centaurs have been buffed against monogod since now they start with 4 centaurs instead of 0, and they do more dmg but
          For slow push aphrodite will be able to charm more.
          This is positive.
          But well buff the attack is problematic.

          Wait and see. If the 40 is the total maximum number of centaurs on the field (opponents reanimated and charmed together), it's a very nice change for solwpushers.

          If it's per academy I don't see how it make any difference, just 3 same time per academy is already super hard...

          If 40 is the max an academy can summon in all game its also nice, we can mass them with hermes then explose them with hera.

          I think I was the only one using hoplites patron at high lvls, I really think u nerfed it hard (/3 the attack and health :/ so by 6 in inspiration!) but I wait to be sure if you really made from +75% the number to +150% and divided by 2 the charge time, it might still works a bit.

          Well if I'm wrong and that only monogod works again, I think I won't be patient enough to wait 4 more month sorry devs.