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  • Idea for the challenge

    I thought of creating several challenges by level. Instead of one challenge for all, we would have for example a challenge for the levels from 30 to 60, another one from 61 to 90, another one from 91 to +120.

    As there will be more winners, we should also reduce the number of gems we win. Maybe also the ranking, instead of 100 winners, maybe 70 or 60 or 50.

    I'm just giving random numbers, the most important is the idea to make the challenge accessible for everyone because it's always the same players and many players create secondary accounts so it leaves even less chance for other players​.

    ( Ps: I am French and I use a translator so sorry in advance for the spelling )
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    Oui, vu que les meilleurs au défi ont plusieurs comptes il nous restent pas beaucoup de places pour gagner.......

    Yes, since the best in the challenge have several accounts, we don't have many places left to win.......
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