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  • Best houses for heroes

    Hey I'm a little bit lost on how houses are working on heroes and units.
    ​​​​​​The regen is applied on units and heroes based on base hp or uuped hp? (for instance if I put 4 aphro house more next to my hero will he have same hp regen in value or in percentage?)
    When u destroy for instance Artemis temple will all units loose instantly the range buff or only the new ones created? (for hades I know it applies instantly on every units but for other boosts I'm not sure)
    Is there exceptions for heroes and appolon houses?

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    When a temple goes down all unit will lose the boost but if a academy was surrounded by pink houses, then troops spawned before the temple was destroyed keeps the house boost and only lose the boost that was provided from the temple


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      Okay so for aphrodite they keep it but not for hades houses. What about appolo houses? If I destroy the temple the hero will loose the regen from the house or not?


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        Apollo houses does not give regen to the troops, only the temple does so once the temple is gone all healing of troops should stop. Think this was made on the balance change right after hero were released as they are basically immortal with all the regens from houses


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          OK thanks so basicaly if a hero is too strong you can only destroy hermes aphrodite and appolo temple to nerf him a bit, but you can't do anything with the houses.
          And in Def it's aphrodite and hermes houses only smart choices (and Artemis or/and Ares )for all the ranged.