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Atalanta needs personality change!

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  • Atalanta needs personality change!

    I'm not an expert on every single hero, as I generally face more hercules than anything else, however what I've noticed is that hercules will chase you all around the map, regardless of it's arena area. With atalanta however, whether you have area to max, or have no area selected at all, she will just stick to her arena area the whole match, pop out to shoot some arrows, then run back to her arena when the gods move outside her active area. What exactly is the point of her exceptional speed if she isn't going to chase the gods around the map? Or is there something I'm missing to make her more useful.

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    She attack whatever is the closest to her


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      I think I figured out what was going on. I had her surrounded with a bunch of artemis houses, giving her long range, and for whatever reason, it seemed like that caused her to constantly run out from her academy, fire some arrows, but then when the gods moved away, she'd simply run back to her academy. Not sure exactly why she's programmed that way, seems unintentional, but after removing the artemis houses now she chases down the gods all over the map.