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  • Base building event

    A event where people build a base with the same amount of resources and then take a vote on their favorite base (there will only be a like button to avoid unnecessary drama). Then the top 100 bases are to be put in the game and the rewards shall be the same as the current reward you would get in the current weekly challenge. Not entirely sure what kind of participation reward should be given

    This could be a monthly event just as well to avoid players getting used too the Event created bases

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    So it would be based off how well it looks rather than efficiency?


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      Lol haven't thought too far about that, more of a shower thought although it could be based off of ancient greek cities and or be put into campaign. I just want different bases to attack


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        It could maybe even be a invasion challenge esque type of event
        Kind of like that zombie plant game

        for every wave you beat you can gem and get a certain percentage boost (maybe a 25% boost for 50 gems(due to it being a event its usually 50 gems( I think)

        The leaderboard Could show top 100 who got the farthest in the challenge with there event base. With this it would rid the usefulness of a like button on the said event base

        For each wave you get 10% of your total resources to upgrade the event base . The level of difficulty will slowly rise as to encourage you to try and discourage you from quitting.