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Problem in challenge with Artemis

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  • Problem in challenge with Artemis

    Hi everyone, unfortunately in the 19 of the weekly chall I have a problem. I do not know if it is only mine but in any case I proceed to report it and show videos of what happens to me (the first video I was able to attach to the post ... being able to share only 1 the second video where I show my hands while playing you can find it by copying and pasting the link below the text). Basically when I operate Artemis's arrow very often during the whole level I have to click the power icon 2 times ... if you see in the videos the icon enlarges and shrinks ... finally I have to click it a second time to take the command. Clearly this thing hurts me, makes me waste time and doesn't allow me to play the level as I would like and faster. It is not controversy ... it is just a report ... I also specify that in the other levels it had not happened to me. I also take this opportunity to point out that he often does this to me even when I operate the speed of Hermes in general.