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  • Bring back Super Reanimate

    Hello devs,
    I truly don’t like the fact that super reanimate was removed after some update around a year ago. There were lots of fun challenges and creative strategies only due to hades super reanimate. Now even if requiem spawns over 300 skeletons and all will be instantly killed when poison towers are in range, hades will only reanimate 20 skeletons. Not only would reimplementing super reanimate buff slow push and help uw players attack megaera environments but it would also make certain challenges more fun imo. Lmk what everyone is thinking of super reanimate but from what I’ve heard a few other players too think there was no necessity to remove it since it was quite a decent nerf to hades for no apparent reason.

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    Super reanimation was cool thing, not everyone could do it you had to time it. I agree


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      Yea Hades reanimate kinda weak without it. At least add it back in the event


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        Yep I agree why remove something that require a lot of skills to be properly done? Make a game easier = lack of respect for players in my opinion. I don't see any good arguments to remove it


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          They also had it for so many years so why not just keep it in?