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Do you think Perseus will get nerfed next patch?

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    I am amazed that Perseus hasn't been nerfed yet. The devs can see the stats, I've looked at every base of the top 100, every single one of them has Perseus in it. You'd think that would tell them that hm perhaps he might just be a little overpowered and needs to be rebalanced. He's also a very boring hero to face given his huge range insta-kill effect. Again it would be so easy to fix him while also making gorgons a viable defensive tower justifying their huge (x4 normal tower) cost, make the gorgon effect either not affect gods or far reduced against gods, the gorgon effect should be targeted primarily against squishy troops. I challenge the devs to run some trials on this and tell me I'm wrong. This simultaneously fixes Perseus and fixes gorgons. The only issue I see is that it renders Adonis completely irrelevant, but I think Adonis just needs a rework altogether, perhaps the ability to charm a god for a short period of time, would that be OP? no idea, but it would be interesting to experiement with, I'm sure with a proper balance of cool-down and duration of effect it could be workable without being dominating, it would certainly make Adonis a more interesting option to use. Whether coding would be difficult I'm not sure, but if Adonis could charm a god to essentially target whatever is closest, friend or foe, might be another way to balance that, and no access to specials while charmed.
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      I agree Perseus needs a nerf but why isn't anyone talking about atalanta? That beast needs to be toned down


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        She is weak at the lower level but broken at the higher level boosted by houses and supported by lot of others