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Hermes Houses?

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  • Hermes Houses?

    I'm trying to do a cost vs benefit for whether how many Hermes Houses I'm putting on my barracks block but there's hardly any information about him on the internet. I understand he's the newest Olympian god but can anyone direct me to information about Hermes?

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    Think the best amount 2-4


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      I'm not on the leaderboard or anything so take my advice with a grain of salt, but i think the better use for hermes houses isn't on barracks necessarily, rather things that have caused the most disruptions in the game. Once upon a time, there was a glitch that made skellies from hades monument super fast and caused a lot of havoc in the forums. Ever since, I've applied hermes houses to it and it operates fairly well since they ambush gods quickly. Otherwise, I'd personally place a couple around hera monument to get the vengeance warriors in as close to the gods as quickly as possible.
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        Thanks for the input