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Hephaestus: God of Forge

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  • Hephaestus: God of Forge

    Hephaestus - God of Fire and the patron smiths and craftsmen.
    Brown is the color of Hephaestus temples and houses.
    Environment is Desert

    Hephaestus is a melee god wielding a huge hammer. His damage is smaller to units but bigger to buildings. His normal attacks unleashes a blow with good area-of-effect that will knock up enemy units when he's attacking the ground.

    Craft Buildings - Hephaestus creates a tower from his arsenal. Only 3 towers can exist at a time. Once a tower is created, this skill will go on cooldown before he can create another one. The level of the tower depends on this skill's level.
    I think it will be a fun mechanic to have an unlock system for this skill. For example, at level 1, he can choose which tower to unlock: Arrow Tower, Ballista, Fire Tower.
    At level 10 he can choose another one with Archimedes and Cyclops tower added in the choices.
    Then at level 20, he can choose another one. Then level 30.
    Gorgon Tower is in the pool of choices at level 40.

    Arrow Tower is balanced among all things. Ballista will lock in on heroes and Monuments. Fire Tower is strong against buildings. Archimedes for range. Cyclops is good against units.

    Enflame Weapon - Hephaestus summons fire to strengthen his hammer. For a short period if time, his normal attacks causes burning. The burn will spread to adjacent enemy unit/structure and do damage-over-time.

    Forge Monument Hephaestus chooses one monument of the god, including his own, to fight by his side. The monument's effect extends throughout the map.

    Hephaestus Temple and Houses - Buildings and units will have a burning effect which deals damage over time Leveling Hephaestus' Temple and Houses will increase burn damage.
    Hephaestus Monument: Decreases the effectiveness of enemy's weapon everytime this monument activates. Monument activates once every 15 seconds.
    Alliance Power: Impenetrable Armor: Makes one target invulnerable for 1 second.

    Environment Bonus: Deserts are hot. Hence burn damage will be even more painful.
    Burns goes away when you heal . So, Apollo and Persephone will be great against Hephaestus' defense.
    Apollo's heal is only once so I think this will slightly, indirectly buff Underworld gods. Also, I think the burn cleansing should be only at the time Persephone activates her skill so that she doesn't completely counter Hephaestus.
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    Nice. I like the idea


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      I liked the other one better tbh