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    I have two Hera Houses at level 15 next to many buildings. In the info it says the explosion damage of said buildings is 100%, but they are definitely not taking out any Gods. Only causing minor damage. Is that 100% for spawned troops? And the % of explosion damage for Temples reserved for the Gods? Probably a developer question as well. Thank you.

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    The percent explosion damage is a measure of how much damage the building inflicts on nearby troops and gods. So a building with 50% explosion damage and 10,000 base health will do 5,000 damage to any enemies nearby.

    You can click on the explosion damage percentage in the info building tab to see how much damage will be inflicted upon its explosion.

    Hope that helps!


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      I get that in theory, but in practice it is not the truth for houses. At least for Gods. I have plenary of buildings with 100% explosion damage that barely do any damage to Gods. I have sparred myself many many times to check this. So I am just trying to figure out what the % of buildings really means. I don’t want to waste stone if they don’t really do anything.


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        Okay. It took me a bit. So the damage depends on the health of the exploding building? If it is 100% it will cause damage equal to the health of the building? And this is why exploding temples cause much more damage? More health?


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          Yes, exactly - A tower with 100% explosion will barely do any damage to a god, but a temple can do a lot. It's all calculated from the base health of the building


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            You can click on the explosion percentage in the building stat to check how much damage is done by the building explosion