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  • Multiple Account Management

    Can someone please explain the account/ email link feature? Specifically, if I have multiple accounts is it safe to link them all to the same email address?

    My concern is if/when I get a new device and want to load an account to the new device, and it prompts me to add my email, which account will it load? will it give me an option to select, somehow load them all (doubtful), or just load the most recent one linked to the email address? leroy

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    I wish we could hop to different account made like how clash of clan does it.


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      Adding a verified email address does not change the account on the device, adding a verified email would link the new account to that email address.
      To recover an account on a new device you would use the Recover button, this sends an email containing link codes for all verified accounts to the email address you are recovering.
      You can verify multiple accounts to the same email address, when using the Recover button, you will receive link codes for all email verified accounts.


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        Thank you! CASTIEL