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Getting so sick of kids that leave FU messages when you're attacking their base.

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    FU Forget You (polite form)
    FU Follow-Up
    FU Fuse
    FU Smoke (aviation meteorology)
    FU Freie Universit├Ąt (Berlin, Germany)
    FU Fluorouracil
    FU Florida University
    FU File Upload
    FU Future Use
    FU Fordham University
    FU Felician University (Franciscan University of New Jersey)
    FU Functional Unit
    FU First Union (US east coast bank)
    FU Furman University (Greenville, SC)
    FU Fairfield University
    FU Fisk University
    FU Foul Up (polite form)
    FU Freaks United
    FU Follicular Unit
    FU Franklin University (Columbus, Ohio)
    FU Forretningsudvalg (Danish)
    FU Felix Unger (The Odd Couple)
    FU Fine Used (philately)
    FU Friends University (Kansas)
    FU Finlandia University
    FU Field Unit (US DoD)
    FU Fire Unit
    FU Fatih University (Istanbul, Turkey)
    FU Forever United
    FU Fire & Update
    FU Flight Unit
    FU Flasher Unit
    FU Formula Unit (chemistry)
    FU Fixture Unit (plumbing)
    FU Functional User
    FU Firing Unit
    FU Freaking Ugly (polite form)
    FU Forward User
    FU Fun University (That 70's Show)
    FU Forensic Unit
    FU Freidman Unit (political slang/meme for six months)
    FU Fuerza Unida (Spanish: Thread of Justice; San Antonio, TX)
    FU Forever Unchained
    FU Fiscal Unit
    FU Flamingoz Unlimited (website)
    FU Feati Universtiy
    FU Farmacias Unidas (Guatemala)

    Enough said. Close this thread.



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      Dam thats is an abbreviation for a lot


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        [QUOTE=War Hammer;n50964][TABLE]

        [TD]Forever Unchained[/TD]

        I like it.. this oughta be our next solo alliance